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START TODAY - i'm happy that you're happy that... TAPE

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The first time I was introduced to Cud (Start Today) was at a show at the Black Dot ((RIP) an amazing DIY venue) in Montreal in which his band at the time When I Fall now known as At Worst was playing. He was sitting on the edge of the stage with these huge colorful knitted mittens and scarf. He was just so animated, I just felt around him right away, how could you not. The next time I met him, he was helping the band Hawkes that I play in move to a show at his house the LBH ((RIP) another amazing DIY venue). He was the same super animated and talkative kid I had seen just earlier that week. After playing, he took me aside and had some very sweet and caring things to say about what Hawkes was doing and ask me to come with him… I entered his room in this punk house and he began to play me the music he makes outside of his band. I was taken back by the pureness, the sensitivity and sincerity that came from his songs. I was just blown away. He gave me his first two albums on one DIY made CD. I seriously listened to it over and over again. I lucked out and got to be a close part of his life as he wrote this album. I just knew we need to do the cassette version of this for him. If you have the chance to meet Cud you will know what I am talking about and when you hear his music you will know even more. Positive, Creative and Stoked!