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Stand Der Dinge is another band emerging from the scene of my hometown Gießen. They consist of members of other bands you've surely never heart of before like for example Business As Usual, Mike Dansen or Love Channel. Stand Der Dinge play emotive hardcore influenced by bands from the late 90s. Hardcore is definitely the more dominant influence, even so the guitar-work shows hints of Yage, Escapado or Yaphet Kotto with fantastic melodies floating through. Add unique throaty vocals, smart German lyrics, pounding double bass drums and an overall tight rhythm section and you''ll probably know, that these four songs are totally worth to check out. Furtive Forest from Novi Sad, Serbia nail down five cuts of screamo tinged post hardcore. Think of a more contemporary version of 90s Ebullition style hardcore. The focus is on writing varied, deep and complex songs. At the same time their straightness and their anger-filled screamed vocals preserve a rough hardcore-rooted edge. The LP comes with a handmade sleevs and a fantastic looking silk-screen printing. (Ride A Dove)