Blackest Rainbow


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Spoils and Relics 'Alabastor Silk' is a threes up (Kieron Piercy, Gary Myles and Johnny Scarr [occasional Fossil member]) improvisation on found objects, tapes and electronics - recorded in in a red lit Leeds basement, and then pieced together in Mantile studio, Nottingham. This release focuses on a reinvention of found artifacts, applied as tools to further explorations of prehistoric futures present. Pro dubbed cassettes. Limited to 60 copies.

'Alabaster silt - The reinvention of found artifacts are pieced together to form tools which enable a dig to the earth's inner crust to further explorations into prehistoric future. below the cavernous murk dwell bubbling furuncle streams in which manged carniverous matter bathe. Above the swelling, many mechanical wings gather creaking as they swoop in on the feeding, picking off the sores and gliding into the fog leaving only lose screws behind.. evidence is gathered and filtered through the silt parts of the beak are recovered strange resin is collected from the wreckage..'