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SPIRITS OF LEO - Gossamer Blue LP

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Gossamer Blue" is the new full-length album from Brooklyn's Spirits of Leo. Somber, spectral and energetic, "Gossamer Blue" demonstrates the band's unique blend of dreamy shoegaze and ethereal post-punk set against a backdrop of wintery months and mournful themes.

With chorused textures and pounding rhythms, the eight titles that make up “Gossamer Blue” meld intricate guitar lines with ethereal vocal chants to echo the atmospheres of early 4AD and Fiction Records-era goth. Anthemic and concise, the album explodes with spacious instrumental hooks and choruses throughout its 30-minute brevity.

“Gossamer Blue” marks new sonic territory for the band. Stylistically, the songs here have evolved into darker, gloomier provisions since the release of double-LP "Equinox" in 2018. While grief, anxiety and loss serve as mainstays in Phillips’ writing, the motifs present in “Gossamer Blue” range from realization and determination to bleak explorations of death, life, and rebirth.