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A lion-hearted cohesion of melodic conquest and eruptive repletion, SPARROWS SWARM AND SING quickly garnered wide underground recognition and accolades for their self-released CDEP and subsequent DIY LP (backed by two self-booked nationwide tours). Currently a six member collective comprised of trained composers, visual artists, and recording engineers, SPARROWS SWARM AND SING continue in the rich heritage and steep tradition of other New England-based acts who have collaborated with MAGIC BULLET RECORDS on a host of significant releases (STEPHEN BRODSKY, CAVE IN, ON FIRE, THE BURNING PARIS, OLD MAN GLOOM, DOOMRIDERS, et al).

"O'Shenandoah, Mighty Death Will Find Me" marks the beginning of SPARROWS SWARM AND SING's output for their new home at MAGIC BULLET RECORDS. Spanning over an hour in total playing time, "O'Shenandoah..." puts forth a dynamic piece of aural devastation spanning three epic movements. Dual drum kits, violins, cellos, xylophones, and haunted guitars serve merely as a foundation for an other-worldly sound and an evocative human emotional experience that begs obsessive listening. In the spring of 2006, the band set the stage by performing/previewing selections from the album before a shocked and stunned capacity crowd at MACROCK, completely stealing the entire conference by all accounts. With the release of "O'Shenandoah..." one season later, SPARROWS SWARM AND SING sends notice that there's truly a new sheriff in town.