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SPACEBONG - the death of utopia CD

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Wow this is brutal with a capital B,Space Bong have released a 4 track 70 minute Doom Laden,Sludge Fest that really defines what the genre is all about.From the opening couple of minutes you are bombarded with some of heaviest riffage you will likely ever hear.Certainly some of the heaviest music ever to come out of Australia,this is terrifying sick Doom in the vein of "Khanate" and "Burning Witch".Filled with Droning passages and tormented vocals this is music for the Hardcore Doom Freak.This was made in collaboration with "Die Like A God" and that might have something to do with the brutal low-end vibes of the tracks.With the shortest track being 12 minutes this a punishing affair not made the traditional listener however they do have some surprises in store.The second track "Death Kneel" starts off with a Mid - Tempo stomping Riff that had me bouncing off the walls,i mean this kicks some serious ass.Soon though it settles back in typical "Space Bong" noise laden fashion with some monolithic Doom passages of the "Iron Monkey" variety.The section they launch into just before the 7 minute mark is just a monumental piece of Droning Doom,the guitar whines and moans just as much as the vocals.Their is a lot of anger in the vocals and combined with the guitar work seriously beating you around the head it makes for a torturous epic experience.Each track on here is a album in itself,long drawn out excursions in some disturbed,obviously highly stoned mind.My favorite track is the 21 minute third track that has one of those riffs you feel like you have heard before but its so damn good it doesn't matter.The band is a little repetitive at times which is not everyone's cup of Doom but i found the riffs so hypnotic it didn't bother me at all.The final track which i think is called "Black Wall" finishes off the album in some way the album started "bruising and punishing".The have a different approach to the vocals on this one,ranging from moans,growls to high pitched singing of the more Traditional Doom Metal style.This track also has a melodic solo ( shock horror ) and maybe for this reason the track tends to stand out a bit more than the rest.Conclusion is if you like your Doom,long and epic with a great deal of tortured vocals and music to match then you will love this