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On the eve of the release of the first release by the Jason Molina-fronted Magnolia Electric Co. (a double-live album which will be available in stores in January 2005), Secretly Canadian is proud to make three classic Songs: Ohia albums available to the public on vinyl for the first time in years. The self-titled debut full-length (1996, Secretly Canadian) is a classic, standing as a beacon shining through the storm for what we call today, in 2004, "new folkies". Out of print on vinyl since mid-1998 (originally released in two pressings of 500). Also being repressed are Songs: Ohia's third album Axxess & Ace (out of print since its release in March 1999) and fourth album The Lioness (2000, Secretly Canadian) -- the latter being widely regarded as one of Molina's finest albums.