SOJUS1 - Orwo LP

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"Downbeats, melancholic feelings, atmospheric sounds."
Second album by Dresden-based electronic postrock duo Søjus1.
"In 2019 we were working on a new album, stuck in a kind of writer’s block. At the end of this year, we were asked to perform a live scoring for a silent movie. So we interrupted our work, modified unfinished tracks and composed new material for this film.

This project gave us a new look at our own music and helped us to overcome the writer’s block. Our compositions got the right form as instrumental tracks. After performing the film score on stage, we decided to rework it again to give the music strength to tell stories without the movie.

This album is the destillate of the Søjus1 film score for ‘The Phantom Carriage’, a 1921 Swedish silent film directed by Victor Sjöström."