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SOFI LOFI - burial LP

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Sofi Lofi, a unique dark lofi band, emerged out of the underground scene in Oslo, being compared to bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill. They recently released the album “Buried”.

Sofi Lofi started as Mette Sofie Breddam's moniker for her solo-outlets. Besides writing and performing with Norwegian indienoir-rockers «Le Corbeau» (started by Øystein Sandsdalen from Unmist and Serena Maneesh) for 6 years, her dreamy guitar/tape/vocal sets and recordings have become ever more frequent in the later years. Gradually evolving to a four-piece when inviting fellow Oslo musicians Christian Næss (drums), Kenneth Amundsen (guitar) and Lene (bass).