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SNEEZE - stars & strings 10"

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SNEEZE is a solo project of a guy named Vlasta who is a singer and guitarist of Jaywalker from Strakonice. His debut record contains six melancholic songs released on 10" limited to 130 copies. To be clear, by listening to this emotive and moody voice & strings songs you can travel back to the 90's when emo punk meant fuel for kids. Although the songs are slow and melancholic, they brings rather darker feelings. Sorrow and emotion subliminally programmed into songs is what I liked about 90's bands and is it what I like about SNEEZE. This record is a DIY project, "out of boredom" as Vlasta would say. The songs were recorded and mastered in Vlasta's living room. "Stars & Strings" is a world somewhere between strings and star plans ...