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SLOWLY WE ROT - Poverty Of Existence LP

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SLOWLY WE ROT was founded in the summer of 2013 by vocalist & guitarist Niels, who also played in Worms Feed and drummer Vic, followed by the bassist, Chris. 

7 months later, unannounced and without stormy hypes or trailers they sent a very rough version of “Solitary Realm” out into the world. Soon after the band agreed with labels Skin & Bones Records from the UK and Dark Omen Records to a split release with Depravation on august 1st 2014, featuring two of their songs. 

The impact of this small preview of their harsh, loud and grim sound lead to a bunch of shows and left people craving for more. The next chapter “Poverty of Existence” was written in only a matter of months, an EP that can only be defined as pure evil. Skin & Bones took the lead to release the tape version in february 2015, followed by a UK tour and a couple of release dates in the mainland. 

As future plans developed and musical differences came up the band went through a line-up change. Vic was replaced by Ibn and Andy took over the 2nd guitar duties. Now, a few months later, Slowly We Rot is ready for the vinyl release of “Poverty of Existence” and to penetrate your eardrums again.