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SLINT - spiderland LP

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180 gram vinyl, remastered from original analog master tapes. 

Slint was formed in the late eighties and has released two critically acclaimed albums that, to this day, are unrivaled in their intensity and beauty. TWEEZ, Slint's first record, was originally released on the Jennifer Hartman Records label in 1988 and re-issued by Touch and Go in May of 1993. SPIDERLAND, number two for the band and the first released by Touch and Go, saw daylight in April of 1991. Both records have gone on to become highly successful and seem to increase in popularity with each passing week. Dave Pajo now plays with Tortoise and Aerial M. Brian McMahon now plays for the For Carnation and used to be in Squirrel Bait. Other members went on to play with Bastro, The Breeders, King Kong, The Palace Brothers and more.