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SLEEP MOSCOW - Of The Sun LP (col. vinyl)

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Sleep Moscow and their electrifying sophmore album, Of the Sun.
Founded in 2018 as an ego-less, mood-driven, progressive rock project, the vision behind Sleep Moscow has been divined almost entirely by Petter Kindström, and talents of Eric Nilsson and Arvid Hällagård (Green Leaf).

Based in Sweden/Norrköping and working closely with fellow countrymen Majestic Mountain Records in 2021, their sophomore album Of the Sun is a moving concept album with a story arc from beginning to end and quite possibly beyond. Like an old soviet sci-fi movie or poignant novella, it’s a classic tale of a cosmonaut departing dying earth and leaving everything behind for something bigger. Something more.

“The working title of the album was Solaris,” explains Petter Kindström. “As in the 1972 science fiction film by Tarkovsky. When finishing the lyrics for what was to become the title track, I discovered that the actual meaning of ‘Solaris’ is ‘Of the Sun’, and I not only thought that was y beautiful, but it also helped me worked the lyrics backwards from that phrase.”