SLAVA - Soft Control LP

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"Slava (b. Slava Balasanov) is a recording and visual artist currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Moscow, he spent his formative years in Chicago where he co-founded Moment Sound Recordings. His music has been released on labels such as Mathematics Recordings, Future Times, !K7 and Coral Records Internazionale. Software Recording Co. is proud to present the Soft Control EP, which finds Slava in an exploratory mode whose common thread is techno energy adroitly concealed within a stark matrix of interloping, chrome-dipped footwork themes. Slava's mutated future take on glossy Todd Edwards/Akufen-style uptown club motifs hits home with us. A pointedly darker left turn with more cruise and ooze, Soft Control meditates on the phrases [I Had] and [I've Got Feelings Too], in a style that we lovingly refer to at Software HQ as 'club anthema.' Not to mention the curveball track 'Swan' that morphs layered, perforated harp into weird contemplation tunnels. Self-hypnotize." Limited edition. High-quality virgin vinyl. Includes download code.