SKAFANDR - escape from the past 7"

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SKAFANDR are a pretty unique three-piece from St. Petersburg/ Russia who refer to their music as dub metal. Don´t be afraid, no reggae tunes will await you on Droehnhaus - we don´t care about such terms, we never did and we´ll never do.The simple truth is that this stuff immediately put a spell on us. We could mention that they´ve recorded the new material at the renowned Finnvox studios, shared the stage with Red Snapper and will soon perform in support of Meshuggah. But perhaps it's easiest if you simply check out some of their award-winning vids on youtube to get a better picture of the astounding and fresh tunes Evgenii (guitar), Yuri (bass) and Kirill (drums) have created. Escape from the past!