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SIMON HOUGHTON - Amethyst Glory LP

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My beautiful family the Houghtons, you made me. This is for you.

"Cyprus 1982. A family holiday that would turn out to have a big impact on me. Visiting my grandparents on their sailing boat home the "Amethyst Glory" and seeing the very real possibilities of adventure and self exploration at such a young age planted deep rooted seeds which i am only just beginning to understand."

Oltrarno Raw is honoured to present “Amethyst Glory” by Simon Houghton….

Simon Houghton aka Sneaky is a Manchester born and bred cellist, bass player, arranger, composer and DJ operating out of Berlin. You might know him through the extensive catalog of his trio Fingathing (bass, turntables & visuals). Arguably, the project could have been the inspiration for the Gorillaz in regards to combining cartoon characters with music. Sneaky also played strings on a slew of songs from artist Robot Koch, appeared live in different configurations with members of the Cinematic Orchestra, Simian Mobile Disco and Mark Rae. Mr. Scruff’s certified hit Get A Move On (featured in countless commercials) also happens to be set to his signature-style bass line. Right now Sneaky will drop his third solo record, this time venturing out into what he calls lo-fi neoclassical / mylife soundtrack territory. Moondog and Arthur Russell fans will not be disappointed. And who knows, maybe the final destination for this man is writing to images flickering across a silver screen?

In his own words Simon gives you a little insight into the world surrounding this album…