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On his project HUE, British multi-instrumentalist Simon Goff explores the musical space between minimal music and drones, music performance and installation.

After being a member of Leeds (UK) based cult-pop band Hope and Social for 6 years, known for their inclusive brand of music making, Goff is now further exploring how to involve spectators and other performers in his creative process. Relocating to Berlin in 2015, the home of experimental electronic music, Goff is a regular collaborator with the likes of Andrea Belfi (Constellation, Miasmah), Aidan Baker (Alien8, Brokenspine) and Pete Simonelli (Enablers). His interest lies in challenging his up-bringing as a classical violinist and deepening his understanding of the sounds that have surrounded him for over 20 years, engaging with electronics to enhance his ability to include other people in the music creation process, for him the most important and enjoyable part of being a musician.

Created with visual artist Sebastian Kite (Royal British Society of Sculptors) and choreographer Lisanne Goodhue (Sebastian Matthias, Tanz platform 2012, 2014), HUE is a work that challenges the traditional notions of dance performance, concert music and visual art exhibition. Using colour as a bridge between their practices, the artists designed an experience that allows people to choose their own method, pace and duration of reception. HUE focuses on the spaces between mediums, encouraging sensitive observation through repetition and change. The sound is created through a series of motion sensors positioned throughout the space that trigger samples and musical devices engaging participants in the sonic creation. Taking inspiration from Terry Riley and his contemporaries, the musical performance follows a modular score allowing an improvisatory approach to interacting with the musical proposition created by participants movement. The result is a soundscape, shifting through ambiences that engulf the listener, propelling them on a journey through colour.