Stoned To Death


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(excerpt from liner notes by Miloš Hroch)

Czech guitarists Jakub Šimanský and Tomáše Niesner drew their inspiration from the roots of 1950s classic country blues or American folk songs. But also the cross section of the Mississippi Delta and the Appalachian Mountains' traditional music informed by atonal elements of the European avant-garde. This musical style has been often labelled as “American primitive guitar”, contested and often reductionist genre term. On the album Všechno dobré, Šimanský and Niesner reinterpret these guitar idioms by developing an idiosyncratic vocabulary for the wooden instrument through their own lived melancholy paradoxes of Central Europe.

While their previous 2019 album, Tance neznámé, was wreathed around the guitar motifs of Jakub Šimanský with assistance from Tomáš Niesner, on Všechno dobré, their roles are equal. The album is based on improvisation sessions that the duo recorded themselves two years ago in the modest kitchen inside the book publishing warehouse where Šimanský lived for some time. The complex of halls and parking lots was on one side, surrounded by the highway, and on the other, the river Svratka separated them from the busy shopping centre. As Šimanský and Niesner note, their work is now more intuitive and they approach music in most spare way possible.