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This album is an ode to Cerro Rico, a forgotten plundered Silver hill in the landscapes of Potosí, Bolivia. That has been emptied to its core, in order to subsidize the world as we know it now. It is an album in the form of a serenade to that lanscape.

This album was born from a collection of various sonic fascinations.
The confluence of us as artists has taken us on a ride that assembles our broad musical language: from Pop to Jazz, from noise to andean folk music, from electronic music to trance.
This sonic art work signals these multiplicity of genres, and attempts to confluence them in a meeting point, namely as various songs.

SILVERBONES is a shapeshifting, Andean-Futurist multi-sensory sojourn. Using modular synthesizers, noisy guitar riffs, dark vocals, swaying basslines and unpredictable drums, they diverge from an ordinary music concert into a focused happening. Their divergent geographical roots, deep personal chemistry and broad artistic background is palpable in their sonic convergence.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti: Voice, Keys, Prophet 6, Wurlitzer
Liú Mottes: Guitars, Pedals
Jochem van Tol: Keys, Modular synths, Korg, Moog
Janneke de Jong: Bass gitaar
Frank Rosaly: Drum set, Percussion

“…the result is wonderfully different. We hear fragments of dark jazz, noise and electro, with even Andean folk elements incorporated. Just listen to dark noise escapades like Vessel or Al Cautiverio, in which witty guitar work is combined with dark jazz undertones, crawling through the body. Or the dark, almost trip-hop-like passages of Altiplano and Tinku, steadily compelling and hallucinatory..." - Never Mind The Hype 1/10/2022