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A collaborative record released in August 2022 by multi-instrumentalists Patrick Shiroishi and Marta Tiesenga from LA, USA, on the Texas experimental/ambient label Full Spectrum.

Includes 4 acoustic drone-free jazz songs recorded in an underground tunnel.Comes with liner notes and DL code. Mastering is handled by the label owner Andrew Weather. 

"A suite of impromptu duets for soprano saxophone reminiscent of the works of Pauline Oliveros and Catherine Christer Hennix, these works were recorded early in the pandemic in an underground tunnel beneath a closed Hot Pot restaurant.

Empty Vessels stands out as an almost architectural sonic document in a way, with the natural reverberation of the tunnel claiming itself as the ensemble's third player.In fact, the space's natural acoustics evoke a palpable sense of isolation and unease.Melodic snippets, screams and breaths melt into long silences, erased in real time, and rebuilt into towering columns of resonance.

It's strange to think that this music was effectively made possible by the pandemic.Had it not been for the long lockdown in California, people would have been coming and going, not to mention the street noise that would have made its way into the recording.

The tunnel has returned to silence as the reverberations of Patrick and Marta's performances are long gone, but what remains is the music that yearns for the underground."