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SEX CHURCH - flowers LP

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SEX CHURCH is and was a band from Vancouver, BC. From 2008 until going on a permanent hiatus in 2014, they played their own brand of hypnotic, downtrodden psychedelic "punk". Their music is greatly influenced by the rainy, gloomy atmosphere of their home city, the monotony of daily life and what we all do to try and escape it. During that time, the group put forth a handful of releases on labels such as Load, Hozac and Sweet Rot. Flowers is the third and final album from Sex Church (at least for now). Recorded by the band themselves in a tiny rehearsal space during the summer of 2014, it is a rawer and sparser affair than its predecessors, purely out of necessity. A cloud of impending doom hangs over the record, a sign of a band on their way out the door perhaps. That being said, there are also certain rays of sun that break through the sonic clouds, if one is listening for them. Flowers is an effort to grow, to expand and bloom, only to die and rot away again. While it is far from a perfect record, it is definitely an accurate representation of what a band actually sounded like in that time and space. Edition of 314 copies.