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SENDERO - Liberación LP

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Sendero excel on their new full-length release with a full-scale assault of South American Vegan Straight Edge hardcore. The chugging metallic riffs, divebombs, impassioned vocals and ultramilitant lyrics are all there to make this a great record.

Liberación is a solid foundation of power and intensity that we can expect only from a hardcore band with uncompromising politics and conviction to their beliefs. The band comes from Chile’s capital Santiago and this is their fourth release since 2013. Hearing such powerful records coming from that part of the world makes me feel that bands from Brazil, Argentina and Chile, are giving a serious ethical and political kick to the redundant hardcore punk scenes that we have today.

Sendero’s Liberación is worth the time for all fans of mid 90’s Vegan Straight Edge hardcore and South American bands like Point Of No Return, Nueva Ética, En Mi Defensa, Mil Caras, Asunto, etc. The Vegan Justice will be served on all oppressors, abusers and torturers of innocent life! - diyconspiracy