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After a split record with their friends Orfevre and a single record (both on CD) this is the vinyl debut of this band from lyon. SEILA CHIARA play a mix of styles. You can find some real melodic, almost post-rockish moments mixed with some kind of classic french-emo-elements and also some post-punk. These three songs are beautiful, clear, simple. Completely free of any clichés. The A-Side starts with “standing up on swing”which reminds a bit on AMANDA WOODWARD-stuff. Bright and clear with a repeating melody. The second song “red tape” is more or less an instrumental track which leads into the third tracks. “The way madness lies“ has this post-rock elements and is the most catchy song on this record. Reminds me on AMALTHEA or DOMINIC. The record is limited to 350 copies and comes on limited (only 75 copies) black vinyl. The beautiful artwork was done by Aude Lemaitre.