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SECRET FUN CLUB - skull with antlers LP

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San Diego’s Secret Fun Club began in earnest in 2000 as a collaboration among Sal Gallegos (Some Girls), Nathan Joyner (Some Girls, All Leather), and John Rieder. This early three-piece iteration of the band was a collective in need of Ritalin, and during these years, Secret Fun Club was conceived as a kind of repository for whatever idea straddled the line between brutal and silly. The mantra at the time was borrowed verbatim from the lyrics of post-hardcore greats Quicksand: Testing the ends of what they’ll put up with.

Pet Set Records released the band’s 12-inch EP debut in 2000. This was a hand-packaged affair, with the covers painstakingly wrapped in pink or black grip tape. The matrix of the vinyl featured an unfortunate close-up of Nathan’s anus. The music was equal parts Sharrock skronk, drop-D riff-blasting, white-boy dub, skittering delay, and spikes of ring modulation.