SEABAT - Scattered Disc LP

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NYC ambient synth / soundtrack duo SEABAT return to vinyl with the full-length space opus Scattered Disc. Originally released on cassette, Scattered Disc is a sprawling, cinematic soundscape referencing Tarkovsky, Kubrick and even Christopher Nolan as much as Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Cluster. Seabat take the listener (hopefully seated on a comfortable couch) into the cold reaches of outer space—awe-inspiring and beautiful, but ultimately inhospitable to humanity. "Ever since I’ve heard The Mountains of Palawan tape, sent to me by the golden-hearted Goldtimers Tapes, I’ve been hooked on [Seabat's] vision of electronica. The kind that still has its roots in the sacred Teutonic age of Kosmische Musik and New Age synth suites, but reaches for the future of the genre and isn't afraid to explore and experiment."—Jakub Ademek, Weed Temple