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SCYTHIAN - To Those Who Stand Against Us LP

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Scythian's debut record "To those who Stand Against Us..." received critical acclaim in the global metal underground in 2009 and was featured in major publications including Terrorizer, Metal Hammer and Zero Tolerance as well as countless DIY zines. It gave the band their first taste of international recognition, and allowed them to break free of the limited UK scene. 

Stylistically, this album pays tribute to Bathory, Sodom and Morbid Angel making for a bizarre fusion of death, thrash and black metal: bulldozing 4/4 beats, obscure and astral sounding riffs, penetrating death metal vocals, choirs, blistering solos and progressive song-structures, without being contrived or overdone. "To Those..." is the young and ambitious effort of a fiercely individual band, who continue to walk their own path and develop their own idiosyncratic sound.