Immortal Frost

SCUTUM CRUX - the second sun CD

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Though difficult to categorize at first, it is obvious there is some ripping fast black metal here! Although this has black metal at its heart and numbers like ‘Invocation Of Powers’ are pretty near demonic in execution and fervour as with many Polish bands there is a healthy mix of deathlike sounds going on here too. This is more noticeable as we get into ‘Under The Second Sun’ with low growling vocals and a bit of a denser sound permeating it at first. This moves way into more feral rasps and classic Norse sounding guitar lines though and one thing is sure it certainly isn’t one dimensional at all. At just about the right length of 40 minutes after being given a good pummelling it’s up to last instrumental ‘Horus’ to take us on a final trip to the cold wastes of space before silence is once again installed. We have listened to this CD many, many times and still find it a fascinating piece of music. A very solid demo with lots happening and some good ideas to build upon. An impressive start and no doubt a good taste of things to come.