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SCHOOL DRUGS - Visitation 7"

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After a well-received debut LP Modern Medicine in late 2019, SCHOOL DRUGS had big touring plans for 2020 until all was cancelled due to the world pandemic. As heartbreaking as that was for the band, they tried to spend this off-time productively and put together the makings of another album. Funeral Arrangements, the band’s upcoming full-length recording, will be released in four parts. The first part, Visitation. Visitation is an introduction to SCHOOL DRUGS at their absolute finest; a vivid and dark journey for new and unfamiliar listeners, and a message of memento mori, calling back to the more macabre themes that SCHOOL DRUGS have managed to capture in each release thus far. “No matter how big or small your grave is, that memorial will exist long after you do,” says vocalist Josh Jurk. “So, pacing our next record over four releases gives us a chance to spend time crafting and refining each piece to this larger epitaph that should ultimately outlive us all.”