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Galician~German Magick Folk druids are back with their long-awaited 5th full length album.
"Xuntas" is their most ambitious album to date, including a stunning and massive display of art in every detail of the production, as well as notorious contributions from the likes of Neurosis' Steve Von Til.

Performed by:

-Erik “Erich” Heimansberg: Flute, pandero de Peñaparda, bass clarinet, voice.
-Hanna Werth: Viola, voice.
-Georg “Xurxo” Börner: Nyckelharpa, voice.
-Asia Kindred Moore: Celtic harp.
-Pablo “Pabs” C. Ursusson: Classical guitar, hurdy-gurdy, music box,
steel string guitar, bells, voice, field recordings.
-Jorge Olson de Abreu: Melodies from the Otherworld.

Guest musicians:
-Steve Von Till: Vocals on “Xuntas”.
-Germán Díaz: Hurdy-gurdy on “Unha das peores cousas que escoitéi no 2019 foi “Pedir perdón é un acto de debilidade””.

Recorded where the linden trees stand during early March and early May 2020 at the the Fire Vessel Studios by Tobias Häussler.
Mixed by Tobias Häussler assisted by Pablo C. Ursusson and Georg Börner.