SALLY SHAPIRO - Sad Cities DLP (Snow White Vinyl)

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The name “Sally Shapiro” refers to both the Swedish duo, consisting of composer & producer Johan Agebjörn and an anonymous singer, as well as the pseudonym of the singer herself. Both live in Lund, Sweden.

Little is known about the person behind Sally Shapiro, whose real name is something else. So far she has been too shy to record a music video or to perform live. When once asked what she does other than singing, she replied: "I dance all nights long on small disco clubs and walk in the moonshine thinking about my love affairs."
"The duo’s sumptuous melodies and expertly crafted songwriting ensures that Sad Cities is an early contender for synthpop album of 2022." Future Music Magazine

"Sad Cities is the best kind of comeback album; one that has just the right amount of nostalgia baked into the grooves, but also adds in new sounds and approaches. Shapiro and Agebjörn certainly do that and the album is a reminder of just how good heartbreak disco can sound when delivered by people who understand it so well." AllMusic (4/5)

"Electronic production that reaches towards a crystalline form of euphoria, the final mix for the project was handled by Johan Agebjörn and Johnny Jewel. A gorgeous listen, packed with poise and melodrama, Sally Shapiro seem able to construct entire worlds for the listener to immerse themselves in." Clash Magazine

"It’s self-assured in its awkward swooning, forthright in its faith in four-on-the-floor. Sad Cities is its own kind of triumph." Pitchfork (7.6)

"Sad Cities has taken away the novelty that their first releases possessed and has given it a rather dark undertone, one that shows that Sally Shapiro still understands how to surprise their fans. As this elusive record gets introduced this new world, one that is dominated by streaming platforms, because yes, they already existed in 2013, but hadn’t reached its full potential yet, Sad Cities has proved that it can hold its own, and even allows the long-time follower to dwell in times past." The Line of Best Fit

"Her bittersweet, ABBA-meets-The Carpenters pop sounding as welcome as ever, especially on the euphoric title track. And wow, that voice – still soaring and celestial but full of vulnerability. There’s something that feels entirely renewed and revitalised here too, whether on the space disco sounds of ‘Forget About You’ or the episodic downtempo electro of ‘Fading Away’. Sheer bliss from start to finish." Electronic Sound Magazine

"Sad Cities can be described as their most mature (in a good way) album to date. The beautiful melancholy that has always been their hallmark is here even more beautiful, even more melancholic. Whether you're happily married, single or in between - let Sad Cities set the tone for your life." Gaffa (5/6)

"Eleven tracks deep, the album reinforces the duo’s proven penchant for exploring a multitude of sounds that straddle the convergence between various strains of electronic and pop. The group’s emotive and evocative songs may very well be best classified as music with an ever-beating heart and sympathetic soul—two things that we’re in desperate need of these days." Albumism

"It’s a near perfect comeback and a distinct evolution from their 2013 debut. Balancing the aesthetic with sharp and poignant writing, Sad Cities reveals a duo more settled into their style, at times even mastering it in ways that might surprise you." The Playground