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SALLOW - I: the great work CD

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"If you like “Appalachian Black Metal” in the vein of Panopticon, Twilight Fauna, Alraune, Bastard Sapling, etc, then you will have to take a deep breath and dive into the light-swallowing music of Sallow, as within you will find everything that makes eastern North American “rural” black metal such a unique thing to behold. Located in the Pine Brush of the Appalachian Valley in upstate New York, or what the Haudenosaunee called Sche-negh-ta-da, Sallow play a rough, furious, and epic mix of USBM in the vein of bands like Yellow Eyes and Mutilation Rites, but stripped of any human emotion or warmth and instead reduced to a highly feral and primordial state, and dipped deep into the unholy Stix of a merciless and unforgiving shadow-ruled wilderness. “In “The Great Work” – the first part of a trilogy – Sallow celebrate their sworn alliegance to a dehumanized world completely stripped of the foul presence of man, through a cascading, incessant, and highly personal brand of swarming primitive black metal which – not devoid of puzzling melodies, oozing atmospheres, and eerie moods – will haunt your dreams and shatter your soul." ( cvlt nation )