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SAJJANU is a two piece outfit hailing from Tokio equipped with samplers, electric guitars, synthesizers, a drum kit and drum machines. They used to be a trio performing energetic, raw, playful, chaotic metal riffs and complicated math rock licks over jazz scales. It's hardly surprising they first got released on John Zorn's Tzadik imprint. However they were able to successfully transform their Avant-Rock approach into the realms of electronic music. Maintaining their playfulness and passion for complex structures the music is now stripped down to repetitive, pulsating rhythms and synthesized sounds. This musical backbone gives room for driving live drums along with post-punkish guitars, breakdowns filled with field recordings of seagulls, whistling synth lines and a terrific live performance. Their sonic take is equally rooted in a physical body experience as it is a hypnotic mind travel, never afraid of a musical joke.