SAGE FRANCIS - Life Is Easy - 1968-2005 DVD

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Like the classic hip-hop documentaries Style Wars and Scratch, Life Is Easy is more than just a collection of great performances from one of underground hip-hop's most imposing performers: it's a document of a scene, following the rise of SAGE FRANCIS from '80s teen rapping along to Fresh Prince tracks to an incendiary 2003 performance recorded in Chicago with a live band. Sage is one of the most controversial, gifted, and innovative MCs today, and Life Is Easy will give his many fans a look at the world through his eyes. Features a variety of never seen battle footage, interviews, live performances, and rare home videos. Guest spots come in from GRAND BUFFET, JOE BEATS, MAC LETHAL, SOL.i.LAQUIST, INHALER, SOLE, DOSE ONE, and JEL.