RYAN GARBES - Young Mona Lisa TAPE

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Ryan Garbes doesn't need a whole lot of introduction considering that his releases go pretty deep into the origins of the Night-People back catalog not including his contributions to Night-People house band Wet Hair. Young Mona Lisa sees Ryan operating in more of a synth mode then ever before while retaining some of the queasy psychedelic guitar and organ driven pop of recent releases. This release overall is a bit less centered on vocals instead digging into deeper instrumental territories. Some similarities could be plucked from experimental leaning Spectrum records like Forever Alien or even the Sky Records/Cluster related like Rasta Kraut Pasta, After the Heat, or Strange Music. Retained is the sense of groovy melody and rhythm that is done in a distinctly Garbes. Surely another great addition to the very fine body of work Ryan has built up over the years. Recommended driving tunes.