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From the seemingly unending musical font of talent that is Australia comes RUSSELL ST. BOMBINGS. The band features AL MONFORT and ZEPHYR PAVEY of TOTAL CONTROL, UV RACE, EAST LINK,  DICK DIVER et al., and yet sounds nothing like any of them. How do they sound? With a name that’s been scraped from an otherwise horrible event in Melbourne, the prospective listener may have cause to expect a sonic assault characterized by aggression and cacophony. Not quite. The seven tracks here range from improv noodling recorded on an iPhone at the Museo Mural Diego Rivera to eight-minute bouts of unrelenting bliss with bits of melody here and there. Now, as you were.  Mixed and mastered by MIKEY YOUNG.

“Australian music is at a high point presently. It’s hard to keep up with all the great records coming out. The lineup of Russell St Bombings is too amazing to resist. I wonder if the members got together with as much curiosity as to what would be as I was listening to it—which I have. Over and over. Such a cool record.”—Henry Rollins