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M’lady’s Records is incredibly proud to introduce the debut album from RUBY PINS, borne out of the dreams and hard work of LILLIAN MARING of GRASS WIDOW. Written over the past three years, recorded on an old computer with just one SM58 microphone, and played almost entirely by Maring, these songs sound like almost nothing else we’ve heard. Inspired by dreams friends have had about her, and informed by the spirits of Eno, Jacques Dutronc and Catherine Ribeiro, this record has a deep individualistic streak, and imagination by the ton. There’s an otherworldliness to the album, the kind of echoes that can be felt usually in certain films, a special kind of logic that get’s under one’s skin. Includes contributions from HANNAH LEW (Grass Widow), FIONA CAMPBELL, JEN WEISBERG and BRETT LYMAN.