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RROXYMORE - Perpetual Now LP

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“rRoxymore is a house and techno rule-breaker. The producer makes music that feels at home in the club at 4 a.m., but her productions and DJ mixes pull in a diverse set of influences, whether it's far-flung jazz or woozy psychedelia.” - FADER

Armed with a disdain for pastiche and a penchant for experimentalism, French-born, Berlin-based artist rRoxymore has spent the last decade expanding the boundaries of what constitutes club music. On Perpetual Now, her sophomore album, she again displays this propensity for pushing the sonic envelope by blurring the lines between the electronic and the organic. Subverting the traditional album format, Perpetual Now is made up of four extended soundscapes, each taking the listener on a journey through tempo, texture and emotional state. Today’s “Fragmented Dreams,” with its pulsating rhythms and fractured melodies, sees the album fleetingly burst into life.