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ROY MONTGOMERY & FRIENDS - Broken Heart Surgery LP

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Billed by disciples as the greatest living guitarist, Roy Montgomery does nothing but provide evidence they might be right on this stunning collection of collaborations. The fact it comes amid a near-relentless stream of top-drawer releases from the mastermind, spanning several years, only goes to emphasise that point. A man incapable of putting anything like a foot wrong. Broken Heart Surgery is majestic, moody, huge, intimate, and awfully good. The title track itself is an epic builder capable of filling a cathedral, distorted guitar hooks and soaring choral backing taking it to ever greater heights, while lyrics nod to a kind of journeyman S&M. 'Dear Imprudence' opens with surreal edges applied to twisted surf rock. 'Heart Restart' is a grand, emotive synthesiser overture. We could go on.