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ROSOLINA MAR- Before and After Dinner LP

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This really is a most remarkable record. Entirely instrumental albums are not generally felt to be as listenable as those with vocals, as the warmth of a human voice is felt to be required in order to connect fully with the audience. Yet in the capricious grooves of “Before And After Dinner” there is a wealth of warm, fun, enjoyable rock. It’s very difficult to describe adequately as I can hear a bunch of influences in here, but start with the 60’s psychedelic movement, add in a pinch of Deus, a touch of Hendrix, Beefheart, The Minutemen and even some particularly exuberant disco and you might get a flavour of what’s going on. I challenge anyone who might seek this record out to put it on and resist tapping your foot for even a minute, cause I tried it and it was damn hard. The sound of a band who have mastered the art of jamming way more than 99.9% of modern bands can ever hope to, “Before And After Dinner” is exhilarating, enormous, abstract, mischievous and glorious, often within the same song. I don’t know what they’re putting in the water in their native Italy, but Rosolina Mar are certainly thriving on it.