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ROSCOE HOLCOMB / WADE WARD - the music of Roscoe Holcomb & wade ward LP

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A magical collection of Kentucky's own Roscoe Holcomb, one of the most legendary figures of Appalachian music and a huge influence on the '60s folk scene, and Wade Ward, a Virginia fiddle and clawhammer banjo player who's style has been often imitated. Playing banjo, guitar, and singing in that beautiful high lonesome sound, Roscoe Holcomb covers the first side of this LP, in his wild and raw style. Wade Ward handles the second side, with banjo, fiddle and vocals, playing in the Galax style and with more composure than the at times unhinged Holcomb. The idea behind this recording was to showcase the extremely diverse styles that two banjo players both working in the old-time tradition could have, even if they were raised only a few hundred miles from each other. Includes A3 poster insert with liner notes. Limited to 500 copies.