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ROPE - Higher Violence LP

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This album was recorded at Impression Recordings, Berlin by Liam Blomqvist. Additional vocals were recorded at Funkhaus, Berlin by Vasileios Karachalios.
It was mixed and mastered by Tom Hill at the Bookhouse Studio, London.

 The aptly titled ‘Higher Violence’ serves as a metaphorical weather vane, encapsulating the band’s navigation through the turbulence of unforeseen and unstoppable forces, an adaptation of the German term ‘Höhere Gewalt’. This album, much like its creators, has been shaped by the tumultuous events of its inception – from the loss of band members to the grip of addiction and the relentless setbacks brought about by the global pandemic.

The making of the album itself is an ode to the band’s perseverance and resilience. It has emerged as a beacon of catharsis and expression, an emblem of the resilient spirit that has marked Rope’s journey so far. Despite the inevitable chaos that ensued in its creation, the resulting work is a testament to the band’s ability to channel their struggles into something with a potency that resonates far beyond the confines of their music. (IDIOTEQ)