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Driven by guitarist Seth Graham, the “Marie EP” finds these experimental post-rockers with a refined, almost deconstructed sound. Measured, but never methodical, this disc is arguably less instant than 2006’s “I Have Supped Full of Horrors”, but at the same time is less linear than those older compositions. The band has abstained from the Labradford merging with Mono stylings of the past in favour of a more considered approach. On this record, Romance of Young Tigers guide us through an all-consuming, inherently powerful two-part symphony of glacial-paced chord shifts, electromagnetic static, rumbling surface reverberations and resonating warmth. At times, the sound generated resembles that of an angelic choir, as the apparitional, slow-motion melodic drones thaw, melting layer upon layer of sound into pindrop silence and back again into monolithic walls of noise. All of this was recorded absolutely live,as the band refrain from using fancy production techniques and overdubs.

All copies come with multiple hand-screened covers, inserts, labels... right down to the plastic sleeve itself.