ROMANCE OF YOUNG TIGERS - I Have Supped Full on Horrors LP

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I Have Supped Full Of Horrors is the formal launching of their previously self-released (and inaugural) triumphant bludgeoning of all things mediocre. 4 tracks, 35 minutes of sheer brilliance. A lot of bands can shove a wall of sound in your face. Plenty of bands have a guy or two who is technically "amazing." Very few bands can unite both into an engrossing, captivating listen... and even fewer can do so WITHOUT PERCUSSION. It is in this rare air that ROMANCE OF YOUNG TIGERS hovers high above the glut of instrumental rock to inundate listeners in recent times. For a band to come right out of the chute with such a dynamic and captivating sense of taste versus composition is truly a treat to behold and indicative of a revolutionary trajectory in years to come. They know when to come in, they know how to hook you, they know when to leave you wanting more.