ROMAN NAILS - Artificial Sense TAPE

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Roman Nails is the current electronic music project of Cooper Bowman of Melbourne Australia who has spent time with other projects such as Flat Fix and the Altered States Cassette Label. Cooper orbits around much of the Melbourne scene that we respect greatly from afar such as Total Control, Dick Diver, and Night-People alumni such as Fingers and Superstar. Its always hard to describe that subtle IT factor that a particular band or music project has, those little things that set it apart somehow from other similar music or that which makes the music stand out to these ears. Roman Nails has a special quality, something that is humble and mysterious. The project is based around analog electronics and rides its own vein of raw minimalism that doesnt fall into getting to blown out and focuses on retaining detail. Distinct melodies and synth sounds glide over evolving rhythms to create hypnotic compositions not overly oriented to one stylistic approach or genre tag. Another sweet surprise from Australia.