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RISE ABOVE DEAD - stellar filth LP

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7 new songs wrenching your ears with a succeded combination of down-tempo sludge, post/metal and psychedelic passages, for an amount of 48 minutes of music. With a wide range of spheres and incursions they don't miss to stay with both feet on the ground. All the time these songs are guided by a grim mood carried by a very significant dark and strong voice that is screaming to high as well as low arranged written melodies. The Instrumental side is carried by despaired and dragging tunes that barely save space to lift up. A massive and heavy album that knows how to provide a gloomy atmosphere.

These 7 songs were reorded in February 2012 together with sound engineer Lorenzo Stecconi, best known for his work with the bands Lento and Ufomammut.

This band is recommandable to everybody who's into bands like Thou, Amen Ra, Isis and Planks.