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Who doesn't love Newcastle Upon Tyne's magnificent Richard Dawson? Numpties, that's who. The man has it all; a right set of lungs, serious songwriting skills, a great guitar player and a wicked sense of humour. He follows up that ace collaboration with Circle with his fourth album for Weird World. This time around he offers up terrifying visions of a dystopian future. Or maybe we're already living in it?

Pop in your earpiece, close your eyes and embrace the wonders (and horrors) of augmented reality and prepare to travel 500 years into the future as Richard Dawson returns with…The Ruby Cord. These seven tracks plunge us into an unreal, fantastical and at times sinister future where social mores have mutated, ethical and physical boundaries have evaporated; a place where you no longer need to engage with anyone but yourself and your own imagination. It’s a leap into a future that is well within reach, in some cases already here.