RICARDO DONOSO - progess chance LP

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Limited vinyl pressing of this excellent album where the retro-futurism of Leyland Kirby's "Intrigue & Stuff" series meets classic John Carpenter and the kind of squashed arpeggiated electronics Emeralds are so loved for. Initial copies come on gorgeous transparent green vinyl*

The electronic obsessions of the U.S. underground follow the current somewhere darker and literally tranced-out on the first full length album of synth music by Brazilian ex-pat Ricardo Donoso. A background in jazz drumming and as member of avant-metal outfit Ehnare give little indication of what Ricardo has been up to in his own time, which probably couldn't be any further from those disparate styles. 'Progress Chance' is based on the "morning dance music" of raves which Ricardo visited as a youth, namely the Goan and Scandinavian strains of heavily gated and arpeggiated dance music, but he's removed the unwieldy rhythms to leave lushly pulsating patterns and the all-important chord changes which carried all the emotive weight, resulting in something quite unexpected and brilliant. Using only the choicest parts of what for most is simply a "cheesy" genre, Donoso manages to reminded us of Leyland Kirby's opaque approach with the 'Intrigue & Stuff' series or the psychedelic lather of loops in Diamond Catalog's 'Magnified Palette'