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Olympia has so many guitars, they pile up around here like cord wood. Many are put to good use, and not as fire wood but as the axe that grinds the rock'n'roll touchstone. Dang it if Restless are not making the kind of rock'n'roll I read about as a teenager in fanzines like Back Door Man and Bomp!: searing, pounding, soaring and savage, yet terribly sweet, too. Raised on the radio and born to rock 8 tracks. 45RPM. This Power pop project features Olympia, WA Rocknroll artists Mirce Popovic (COUNTY LINERS, CCFX, TransFX), Paden Reed (GAG) and Reuben Storey (GUN OUTFIT, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS) along with newcomer. Recorded by the Olympia Engineer Jonny Wulf, this release continues the Olympia tradition of singular artist blazing trails !