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REKA - dvala LP

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To say that Reka is a band founded in Moscow in 2007 would not be wrong per se, but it wouldn’t be right either.

From the very beginning, Reka was more of an idea than an actual band, a means to reach out and gather as many people from as many different regions as possible under a shared vision. After releasing three albums, the Russian based citizens of the world that form the core of Reka first teamed up with In The Hearts Of Emperors for a split release in 2012 and returned in 2014 with a cover of a Black Everest song on a split 7”, both put out by Moment Of Collapse.

The earth-shatting Dvala 12″ is their first solo release since 2011’s III. »We believe that our band has become something bigger than being a single band from only one country that confines itself to a specific music style. This release is a collaborative experiment with our friends from Amalthea. Dive with us«, reads a statement issued by the collective.

As usual, Reka’s line-up has changed considerably compared to previous releases. After having collaborated with members of Celeste and other bands, Reka in its current incarnation includes Per and Simon of Amaltheaas well as Alec and Denis on guitars, Igor on bass and Andrey, who takes up drum duties. »Dvala« will be available on white or black vinyl, housed in a sleeve of the same colour and comes with complementary silk-screen printing on the sleeve and the B-side of the record.