REFRIGERATOR - temple city LP

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Refrigerator and Shrimper celebrate 25 years together with the band’s first album in four years. Temple City is also the first record of theirs to feature electric guitar, feedback squalls and electric bass in over a decade, after the all-acoustic Bottles of Make Up and their last album, Dangerous, a stillborn recording of demos. More recently, vocalist Allen Callaci recorded with Adam Lipman (2013’s Glacial), Dennis Callaci with Simon Joyner (2013’s New Secrets, helmed by Jarvis Taveniere of Woods) and the band released a couple extremely limited and now out-of-print cassette-only releases.  Temple City was recorded in full just prior to harrowing health issues for Allen that ultimately led to a heart transplant. The band went back into the studio with longtime engineer Steve Folta after Callaci’s full recovery and rerecorded a number of songs as well as a few new ones to complete the 17 tracks which comprise Temple City. The band will play select shows around the country to coincide with the album’s release, and Allen will embark on a tour to promote his book Heart Like a Starfish, due out in February on the Pelekinesis imprint.

• First studio record in seven years